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◆ The 5G AIoT ecosystem is created by combining Taiwan Mobile, LA FRESH INFORMATION, LINE SPOT, Global Express, UberEats and other partners to provide a one-stop service for digital technology in the F&B.
◆ Selected as one of the seven startups in the Microsoft for Startups for the Yawan startup terrace.
◆ The digital platform of city currency has helped Taoyuan City Government to win the international "WITSA 2022 ICT Excellence Award", helped Taitung County Government to win the "2021 Innovative Application" in the Smart City Summit & Expo, and was shortlisted for the "Government Service Award" of the Executive Yuan, which is known as the Oscar of the domestic public sector.
◆ "2022 TCloud Marketplace" project to counsel nearly 1,000 stores on digital transformation (in progress).


◆ Together with "Next Door Fresh", "WaBay", and "GoodPoint Exchange", we launched the "疫情相挺 我們一起" meal and food project, which is a joint effort with food and beverage brands, medical institutions, and cab fleets, to raise funds from the public.
◆ In cooperation with the Taipei City Government "台北美食,我來支持", the Tainan City Government "台南美食安心點", and the Kaohsiung City Government "高雄好家載", we are providing guidance to caterers to switch to online ordering.
◆ Dot Dot Global CEO Receives "2021 Taipei Prominent Enterprise Awards''
◆ Received the Neo Star "中華開發特別獎''.
◆ ''2021 TCloud Marketplace" project guided 1,199 stores to digital transformation.


◆ IIOT and Gowifi were merged into Dot Dot Global.
◆ Awarded the champion of "Innovation Experience" in the Smart Business New Era Competition by the Department of Commerce.
◆ We are concerned about the development of smart cities and have undertaken the "TTPush" of the Taitung County Government and the "紅利桃子" of the Taoyuan City Government to assist in urban transformation and promote the development of urban coins.


◆ Dot Dot Global was established
◆ We provide smart restaurant solutions to help restaurant stores transform into smart stores, improve operational efficiency, and operate restaurants smarter.
◆ In less than a year since its establishment, it has generated 30 million dollars in revenue, and the number of partner restaurants has grown to over 10,000, making it the largest and fastest growing online ordering platform in Taiwan.